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GetUp’s secret money trails…

UPDATE – Friday 7 July

GetUp! couldn’t lie straight in bed – more obfuscation from GetUp!’s National Director Paul Oosting!

He won’t give us a straight answer (see our hilarious Facebook exchange at the bottom of the post) but in today’s The Guardian he writes:

“In the last financial year we took money from 57,419 individual donors, making a whopping 491,228 individual donations. A full 97% of these donations were under $100.”

By our reckoning, they get 9 out of 10 million dollars from overseas mega-rich individuals, channelled through a web of “foundations”.

When will they answer our questions on exactly WHAT PERCENT of donations are under $100?

Check out our infographic to follow the GetUp! “grassroots” money trail. Share and tell your friends and family.

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