The road to happiness

It’s a good thing money can buy happiness. Since we worked that one out, we’ve been on the easiest policy trajectory yet: we’ve put all our money in a communal pot and we buy each person the exact right amount of happiness.

Of course, there were a few arguments when we first came up with the idea. In fact, there was a fair amount of disagreement about what happiness is, and what makes people happy. Some people said it was having great friends and work-life balance. Others said it was having lots of material possessions. Then there were those who insisted travel and new experiences are where it’s at. This made buying happiness for other people really hard. And the people who had so much money that they couldn’t possibly buy any more happiness with it sometimes insisted that happiness wasn’t the only thing money could be used for. It was a bit of a mess. People got very angry. There was lots of fighting and we were this close to war.

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