The Words of the Week: Needs-based. Union. Slamming.

Each week The Fair Go distills the week in politics into three words that have led the news cycle and dominated debate and explains what they really mean.

The terms that jumped out at us this week are: Needs-based. Union. Slamming.

They almost form a sentence.


Definition: An important concept which acknowledges that resources are limited, and that efficient, outcome-oriented use of funding is key to good government. Liable to come under fire where there is debate over the definition of need versus want. See for reference: Oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz, copyright Janis Joplin, 1970.


Definition: An alliance of individuals who are very often confused as to the needs/wants distinction above. Liable to hunt down and intimidate your children if you disagree with their definition of needs and wants.


Definition: Albo’s happy place. He’s either slamming tunes or slamming his party leader. He used to be all for slamming by unions but now he’s against them slamming so he can slam Shorten for not slamming them. Got that?

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